COVID Update
COVID Update
As of November 29, 2023

We are thankful to continue to remain OPEN!

Our regulated health care practitioners have been deemed essential services, thus continue to provide in-person and video treatments. We do look and feel a bit different with many protective measures in place as safety of our patients and staff remain our utmost importance.  We’ve been practicing our eyebrow emotions and smiling with our eyes!

In Person Treatments:

  • Complete the online COVID screening questionnaire online on the DAY OF your appointment.

    • You will receive a link via the appointment reminder (2 days prior to your appointment)

    • Our admin/therapists will screen you via phone to determine if able to attend in person or if will need to reschedule

  • Masks must be worn –  medical/surgical is highly recommended

    • If you do not have one, we will provide at a small cost

  • Bring only you and your essential items

    • Unless you require assistance or a guardian for children

  • Please wait outside until we let/wave you inside

  • Sanitize/wash your hands

  • Follow physical distancing guidelines

  • Contactless payments available

    • We will not be accepting cash at this time

  • Hybrid Programs of Care – In person and video treatments

    • To continue to limit your exposure and if appropriate to do so, your therapist will be completing a combination of in person and video treatments

Video Rehab treatments:

Video treatment sessions are available from the comfort of your own home should you not be able to travel to our clinic. Please talk to your therapist about video treatments as an option for you. 

FAQs for Tele/Video Rehab

Virtual-rehabilitation (or Tele-rehabilitation) uses video-conferencing to provide Physiotherapy and Chiropractic services. These sessions will consist of detailed discussion regarding your condition, visual assessment of your movement patterns, balance, and range of motion. We will be reviewing and progressing exercise programs, educating on self management, developing pain management strategies, and addressing any questions related to your care and condition. 

Any resident of Ontario may qualify for this type of care. To determine if this service is appropriate for you we offer FREE 15 min consultation via phone or video conferencing with our therapists.

An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE). Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). Check your Internet bandwidth using


A microphone – built-in to your computer or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth.

We will be using Physitrack ®️, an online secured site. All measures are taken place to ensure privacy and confidentiality based on the The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and compliant with Personal Health Information Protection Act – PHIPA).  Also guidelines set out by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and College of Chiropractors of Ontario.

We can get creative when prescribing exercise programs! If you do have some equipment please let your therapist know so we can incorporate that into your exercises. If you have an exercise/yoga mat that would help (if not then set up in an area with soft carpet or use your kitchen mats!).

Online virtual sessions follow the same fee schedule as our physical clinic. 

We are GIVING $5 from each virtual session to local food banks during this time of need! So your participation will also be helping those in need!

Patients are encouraged to contact their own insurance company to determine if virtual/tele-rehabilitation sessions will be covered. In light of the current climate, our research shows most insurance companies are allowing tele-rehab services for reimbursement


You can also ask your insurance company if you have a Health Spending Account and if this can cover tele-rehab services. 


Upon payment, you will still be provided an email receipt detailed with therapists licence/registration number, type of service and cost.

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