Relieve muscle tightness, pain & heal injured tissues
Relieve Muscle Tightness & Heal Damaged Tissues

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Acupuncture is a natural alternative in promoting blood circulation and alleviating pain by inserting thread-like needles into strategic points on the body.


It comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and is now commonly practiced as it’s found to have an array of health benefits. 

How We Help

Safe for most people, some folks call it “magic”!

Manage Muscle & Joint Pain

Melt away all your muscle and joint stiffness to keep you moving.


Heals inflammation to recover from these injuries and back to your life.

Rest & Relaxation

As muscles relax and pain relieves, your mind will be at ease. 


Brings new blood flow to the area to then re-circulate and take away swelling.


Enhancing blood flow to “dry” joints to “lotion” the joint surfaces and move better.

Sensitive Injuries

Effective hands off treatment option if your injury is sensitive to pressure/touch.


Our skilled practitioners are trained to carry out the treatment correctly to minimize your level of pain and discomfort. Minor side effects of muscle soreness or heaviness may be experienced during or after your treatment. 

There’s no additional cost to your session– acupuncture is used as a treatment technique by our Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. 

Traditional Acupuncture – the needles are inserted and that’s it!


Electro-acupuncture – the needles are inserted and a small current is applied to create a continuous “twitch” in the muscle.


Dry-needling – the needle is inserted in and out of the muscle a few times over various muscles to release the muscle tension and pain.


Depending on the injury the therapist will recommend which approach to use.

We have conquered many needle phobias! We will explain how it all works and let your decide if you’d like to try. Most folks tell us they barely feel the needle. 


If you are still unsure or are anxious, we will do our absolute best to keep you calm and make you comfortable if you decide to try it!

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