Orthopaedic Bracing
Stabilize & Support Injured Joints & Muscles
Orthopaedic Bracing
Stabilize & Support Injured Joints & Muscles

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Physical demands calls for active measures! Whether you’re hard at work or having fun with your kids, Orthopaedic bracing helps you live life the way you want.


Orthopaedic bracing is used to support muscles, joints, and ligaments from new and old injuries to help you stay active and return to your prime.


Braces can be ordered a la carte or be custom made. Out therapist will discuss your goals/needs and determine which brace is most suited for you and your injuries.

How We Help

Support for your joints, muscles, tendons to allow your body to recover faster!

Knee Injuries

Braces fitted for all types of knee pain – ACL, meniscus, ligament, tendon injuries. 


Support muscle joints from tennis/golfers elbow, thumb tendonitis and more.

Ankles sprains

Specific brace recommendations for your injury, sport, daily activities. 


You don’t need a referral to purchase a brace.


However your brace may be covered by your insurance company. Check with your insurance provider to see what they need. In most cases your therapists letter will suffice. 

In most cases no. A brace is typically a temporary solution to allow your injured structures to recover while supporting and stabilizing during movement. 



Immediately if we have the brace in stock! Otherwise, usually 5-7 business days if need to order one. It will all depend on our supplier and shipping. 

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