Fascial Stretch Therapy
Enhance Nerve & Muscle Mobility for All Ages
Fascial Stretch Therapy & Personal Training
Enhance Nerve & Muscle Mobility for All Ages

Yoga done for you.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) 

Think of a full body stretch that’s PAIN FREE! We gently guide and stretch your body to become more flexible, relaxed, and energized. Not only does this help with pain, but it’s also used as a preventative care. 


Our fascial stretch therapy near you at MyLife Rehab & Wellness treats the whole body with team-oriented care customized just for you.

How We Help

Basically yoga done for you! Feels amazing right after a massage!

Relaxes your muscles

We use our hands so you can just focus on relaxing.

Touch your toes again!

Stretch from top of the head to the tip of your toes for whole body flexibility.

Improve posture

Better posture means less stress on your muscles and joints, thus less pain.


Every BODY can benefit from an FST session. We need to stretch our bodies regularly at home, but sometimes we need someone else to help us achieve the movements/motions we cannot do ourselves to get deep stretching of muscles and joints. 


To learn more about MyLife fascial stretch therapy in Whitby, contact our team for a free consultation to see if we are the right fit!

This will depend on what your body needs. Our therapist will assess your needs and develop a plan just for you. Typically you may start a bit more frequently based on what you need, then start book further apart and maintenance 1/month. 

Our FST therapists are certified FST therapists. Meaning they take several courses to be completely certified to perform this technique. 

Not at this time. We like to ask people to think of this as an investment in your body and in your future! If you feel better, less stiffness and pain, and get back to your life pain free – this will totally be worth it!

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