Promote Rapid Muscle Recovery & Pain Relief
Promote Rapid Muscle Recovery & Pain Relief

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Professionally applying tape onto your skin provides support to muscles, joints, tendons, & ligaments. Depending on what your conditions are, the type of taping and technique will vary.


If the best taping technique for your case is simple, we can easily show you the ropes to continue taping yourself in between sessions.

Types of Taping

There are 2 types of taping: rigid and non-rigid (or Kinesio taping i.e., K-Tape)


A 1-week old ankle ligament sprain would likely be treated with a rigid tape to restrict the ligament from being stretched further when walking. This will help protect the ligament and allow proper healing.


A patient who has a 6-month old shoulder injury, sits for majority of the day, and has poor posture would likely need to be treated with a non-rigid tape. Non-rigid taping would offload some of the strain on their shoulder muscles to accelerate healing and improve posture.

How We Help

Temporary support for muscles, joints and ligaments to help in your recovery.

Sprains & Strains

Almost all injuries there is a taping technique to aide in recovery and manage pain. 

Posture & Position Reminder

Support posture of back when sitting or position of muscles/joints. 

Stabilize Joints

Prevent further movement of injured joints to allow injury to rest and recover. 


Typically we don’t recommend any longer than 2-4 days of wearing the tape. It will likely start peeling off within this time frame. 

We hear this one all the time – the answer is YES you still should continue with therapy.


Taping is a temporary  short term solution to relieve pressure/stress on your injured area/tissues to help with pain and injury recovery. Through therapies and exercise program will help to rehab the root cause of the injury and thus won’t need tape in the long run. 

Taping is part of our treatments used by our Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. Thus no additional charge to apply tape. 

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