Our Rockstars
Our Rockstars

Yamini Mistry

Yamini graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters of Physical Therapy in 2012. Yamini also has a background in occupational ergonomics.


With experience in a wide variety of acute and chronic orthopaedic/musculoskeletal conditions in all different age groups, Yamini provides individualized 1:1 care focusing on manual therapy, acupuncture, education, and developing functional exercise programs to help people achieve their goals.


Outside the clinical world, Yamini enjoys spending time with family and friends, trying new foods from all over the world, and spending as much time as possible with her dog (mini-golden doodle) – Brex!

Steven Hua

Steven graduated from the Masters of Physical Therapy program at Queen’s University in 2018 and since then, he has been focused on helping patients overcome a variety of orthopedic injuries. These include common muscle strains, tendonitis, joint and sports injuries to more complex conditions such as abnormal gait patterns, posture correction, post-operative surgeries, fractures, vertigo, neurological, stroke, and concussions.

Steven utilizes a mixture of joint mobilization, hands-on massage techniques, soft tissue release, Cupping, Graston Tools, GuaSha therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, passive and PNF stretching to relieve tight muscles and joints. To achieve his client’s goals, Steven works with them closely to incorporate individualized exercises specific to their injuries. Steven pursues his passion for helping kids, adults, retirees, and athletes alike work towards their full potential.

Steven is motivated by a lifelong passion for physical activity. He enjoys playing volleyball, basketball and exploring new hiking spots with his fiancé.

David Langford

David graduated in 2014, and has worked with Yamini previously as a Physiotherapy Support Personnel.


David got into the rehab/therapy field due to his own knee and shoulder injuries. He has worked with the Durham Lords Men’s basketball team, the Ontario Tech Men’s soccer team, the Toronto Marlies Midget AAA team, including athletes that have gone on to compete in the OHL and the Canadian Soccer League.


When not treating, David enjoys anything sports, including curling (part of Oshawa Curling Club since 1998!), softball, golf, and beach volleyball.

Dr. Lindsay Taylor

Lindsay graduated in 2013 and is a lifelong athlete. Lindsay remains an avid hockey and lacrosse player, having played with the Whitby Wolves, Oshawa Lady Blue Knights, and Durham Women’s Lacrosse League.

Lindsay’s mission is to provide collaborative, patient-centred, evidence-informed care. She utilizes a combination of spinal manipulative therapy, soft-tissue release, Graston Technique, acupuncture, Kinesiotaping, rehabilitative exercises, and education to help her patients reach their goals.

Lindsay is passionate about helping her patients from all walks of life stay active in doing the things that they love. She has experience treating everyone from infants and pregnant women, seniors and weekend warriors, to youth, professional and Olympic athletes.

In her free time Lindsay enjoys travelling, running, and going for hikes with her husband, her son, and Mini Aussie, Kiddo.

Dr. Michael Siciak

Michael is a Chiropractor who graduated from CMCC in 2023 and is dedicated to providing a patient-centric approach to resolving neuromusculoskeletal complaints. With a passion for helping patients achieve their best health, Michael combines various treatment modalities to deliver comprehensive and personalized care.

Michael takes the time to truly understand his patients’ concerns, needs, and goals. He believes that effective treatment goes beyond addressing symptoms and focuses on improving overall functioning for longer-lasting results. By adopting this philosophy, he builds strong and trusting relationships with his patients, empowering them to take an active role in their healing journey.

Typical treatment programs include soft tissue therapy, spinal/extremity manipulative therapy, joint mobilizations, individualized progressive exercise programs, education, dry needling, electroacupuncture, and taping.

When he is not in the clinic, Michael enjoys playing a variety of sports, spending time with his family, and camping in provincial parks across Ontario.

Kim Ospina

Kim’s burning passion is to bridge her love of sport and fitness with a career that could help others achieve their health goals. 
Having played professional basketball, she experienced many injuries along the way and learned the importance of developing the body as a whole. 
Besides strength and endurance training, Kim helps her clients enhance their mobility through Fascial Stretch Therapy and self myofascial release. She is a life long learner, striving to keep up to date with the latest research in the industry.
Kim loves spending time with her husband and two kids when she’s not active in her community.

Frances Adamson

Finding a place of inner calm in the body and mind through the discipline of yoga at a difficult time in her life began Frances’ journey of studying yoga for the physical and mental benefits. Frances graduated from Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 and is certified as a yoga therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Yoga therapy offers help with or relief from a symptom or health condition like chronic pain, neurological issues, mental health, illness support or healthy ageing. For example, low-back pain, MS, anxiety, cancer or osteoporosis. 

As a yoga therapist Frances aims at empowering self-healing, focusing on each person individually and working within their abilities and level of mobility. Either individually or within small groups, she creates a personalized practice for her clients using yoga techniques including postures, breathwork, meditation and more.

Besides a passion of yoga, Frances is a mother and artist, enjoying walks in nature with her family, and gardening and painting

Hana Kishawy

Hana’s experience with working in rehab clinics at the Patient Coordinator stems from her passion for helping people and her bubbly personality. She enjoys working with our community and helping them answer any questions they may have regarding services we have to offer. 
During her free time she loves playing with her dog (Apollo) and going on adventures with friends. She loves exploring different countries  and more importantly loves spending time with her family. Hana is a daily gym go-er and loves to play soccer

Blenda Chan

Blenda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2014. Blenda also has a nutrition/culinary management background and has over 15 years of experience working with seniors in long-term care.

Nutrition plays a big factor when it comes to dealing with health issues that arise, such as allergies or inflammation. When we eat well and fuel our bodies with proper nutrient-rich foods we are free of aches, pains and health issues.

Blenda is an IVF (in-vitro fertilization) mom of 2 kids. Having suffered from infertility issues for almost 5 years, holistic nutrition helped Blenda become a mother and build her family. She started to learn the relationship between gastrointestinal health and nutrient absorption. Today, she helps patients reduce the intake of processed, packaged, and refined foods, moving away from the western diet. She doesn’t believe in fad diets or quick fixes. Blenda’s main passion is to work with individuals to help gain confidence. She takes a holistic approach by incorporating healthy eating habits and a healthy mindset which will lead to a more gratifying lifestyle. A lifestyle we can share with our family, friends, and/or children. Not only will you feel more amazing, but your inner beauty will also shine outwards when you take good care of your body, mind and soul.

Besides being a nutritionist, she loves to improve her strength and endurance with resistance training and yoga. She enjoys camping and outdoor activities with her husband and kids

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