Custom Orthotics

Whether you have foot/ankle/hip/knee/low back pain or not, custom orthotics are of value!

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom made foot orthotics are made by our Certified Pedorthist. They are specifically made medical devices used to treat and prevent injuries related to foot and lower limb mechanics. Custom made foot orthotics need to be custom casted, designed and manufactured for your specific individual needs. To achieve a truly custom-made orthotic, a 3-dimensional cast or mold of your feet must be taken, a full assessment including a full history, gait analysis, and hands-on biomechanical exam by a qualified professional must also be performed to achieve the most accurate result.

How can custom orthotics help you?

  • Correct or maintain correct foot position
  • Maintain/improve body alignment
  • Decrease or redistribute pressure points on your feet
  • Support/cushion your feet (especially useful for those who stand/walk for long periods of time - i.e., teachers, police officers, cashiers, assembly line workers)
  • Increase general shock absorption

What conditions may benefit?

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Foot/knee/hip/back pain/arthritis
  • Bunions/calluses
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shin splints
  • Diabetic neuropathy/feet
  • Neuromas

How Do They Differ From Drugstore Foot Inserts?

Simple - they are custom to your feet to achieve the right effect based on your needs. Just like a custom-made suit or shirt that fits like a glove, the custom orthotics fit like a shoe! They take into account your foot/ankle/knee/hip/low back positioning, your movements, activities, and footwear - which simply generic over the counter orthotics do not.

Drugstore inserts can work for some, they may accommodate some minor issues you may be having. If you find they work then go for it! (who wouldn't) However, for most of us, we need something a little more custom.  The best is to get an assessment by a professional who takes the whole body into account to determine if custom orthotics can benefit you (i.e., a Physiotherapist, Pedorthist, Chiropractor, Chiropodist, Podiatrist)

What You Need To Know

Custom-made orthotics are prescribed by specific healthcare professionals and will diagnose whether or not an orthotic would be beneficial to your situation. Certified Pedorthists, Podiatrists, and Chiropodists, are recognized as foot care specialists and are trained specifically to assess, design, manufacture and fit foot orthotics. These prescribers are licensed and governed by either a provincial or national body and are subject to Standards of Practice. This, along with each body’s Code of Ethics helps ensure their accountability and your protection.


Q: Do insurance companies cover orthotics?

A: Most insurance companies and plans do. Call your insurance company to get how much coverage you have and if a doctors note is required to access the funding.

Q: I'm not sure if I need or will benefit from orthotics?

A: Not a problem, give us a call for more information or come to see us for a no-obligation consultation. We can explain better in person and guide you to what may be beneficial.

Q: Will they fit in all my shoes?

A: It depends! For the most part they do! There are options to customize the length/width to suit the needs of your foot and also your footwear.