There are 2 types of taping - rigid and non-rigid (or Kinesio taping i.e., K-Tape). The tape is applied directly on the skin, in a specific manner, to provide support of muscle/joints/tendons/ligaments. Depending on what the goal is, the taping type and technique will vary. If the taping technique is simple, it can easily be taught so you can do the techniques yourself in between sessions.

Example 1:

For a 1-week old ankle ligament sprain, would likely use the rigid tape to restrict the ligament to be stretched further when walking. This will help protect the ligament and allow proper healing

Example 2:

For a 6-month-old shoulder injury to the rotator cuff for a person who sits at a desk most of the day with poor posture, would likely use the non-rigid tape to offload some of the shoulder muscles to allow them to heal and to promote better posture.


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