Free Running Workshop

Whether you are thinking of adding running to your exercise routine or are an avid runner, this workshop is for you! Did you know that running is actually a complex movement! Although we can all do it, if not done correctly can create not so fun injuries. So we have created a FREE Running Workshop hosted by Matthew Johnston (our resident avid runner come rain, snow or shine!) and Yamini Mistry (hype women and Zoom tech!) - physiotherapists at MyLife Rehab and Wellness.

We will be going through various topics including:

  • How to help PREVENT a running injury
  • Key aspects of what to look for in running shoes
  • Key aspects of what to look for in a running gait
  • Learn why common running injuries occur and what exercises to do for them
  • Learn a pre-run activation routine + strength training routine specifically for runners
You will have a chance at a draw for 2 prizes (FREE 30 min physiotherapy consultation OR a stretch & release pack - foam roll and 3-pack resistance band) at the end of the workshop and you will also receive an exercise program to your inbox after the workshop!

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