MyLife Rehab and Wellness practitioners are modern hands-on therapists in Whitby, ON to help you get back to the things you love!

Be pain free with your back so you can play with your kids or grandkids freely, have full movement without pain in your shoulder so you can wash your hair or throw a baseball without worry, we help with your neck pain so you can check your blind spot safely with no pain, and much more! This is our commitment to you! 

Whether you suffer from recent or chronic injuries/pain or want assistance with prevention/maintenance of your body, we provide a plan to achieve and maintain your health and wellness goals. At the moment we have Registered Physiotherapist (Yamini & Arjun), Chiropractor (Dr. Natalie Atwood & Dr. Lindsay Taylor), Fascial Stretch Therapist/Personal Trainer (Kim) and a Certified Pedorthist (Lisa) on our team.

We are a place where everybody knows your name!

We will be working together with the Meadowglen Pharmacy and Medical team and the Hands in Demand team (of >15 Registered Massage Therapists) - a unique 1-stop shop plaza in North Whitby, ON

We are a support local type of place! We love to support local and trusted small businesses/entrepreneurs in the Durham Ontario region! Check out the MYPartners page for more.


Why Choose Us?

Highly experienced staff for back, neck and shoulder pain

Our regulated therapists are experienced in treating a variety of conditions using various modern treatment approaches to best help you reach your goals

Extended hours weeknights and evenings

We understand it's difficult to get to your treatments when you are at work, so we accommodate your schedule! Treating until 8 pm most weeknights!

The focus is YOU!

No two people or injuries are the same, thus treatments shouldn't be the same either! Our approach is truly individualized 1:1 with your health care provider

Free Parking and No Stairs

Plenty of free parking and accessible for all

On-site family and walk-in doctor and Pharmacist

Instant access for imaging and specialist referrals for a collaborated approach for your health care needs


Ready to find out more?

Schedule a free 15 minute no obligation consultation or to book an appointment with one of our regulated health care professionals to determine if we are the right treatment option for you!